The Legend of Foo-King-Long

The Legend of Foo King Long

As experts in their own discipline, ninjas were constantly searching for new skills, and keeping the secrets of their society would have been their top priority.  However, a tale that was passed down thru the generations has given us some insight into a highly skilled individual known as Foo King Long.

The infamous story is told as follows:  One afternoon among the alpine plants of Mount Kita, Long was in deep meditation in preparation for his next mission.   His thoughts focused toward an attack from a longer distance in which his enemy could not see or hear him.  His mind raced furiously as he began to pack special, mystical powders into a tight, solid core.  He then took a second piece of rare elements only found in the Akaishi Mountains of Japan and formed a shield around his project.  After meticulously carving 432 dimples into the shell, Long had created a ball that had such an advanced nucleus that it optimized spin and control while drastically exceeding any standard of distance. 

Whether the target was heavily guarded by a dense forest, thick sand dunes or natural water, an enemy at 350 yards did not stand a chance when Foo King Long was around.  With a single swing of his sword, Long would quietly launch his weapon of choice and attack his enemies with ease.  He would leave his name firmly inscribed in the projectile beside his fallen enemy as a warning to others.

Foo King Long’s death is still a mystery.  It is rumored that he returned to Mount Kita and laid down for a final time among the spiritual elements.  All that was left of his legacy was the projectiles that he had scattered all across the country side in one won battle after another. 

Foo Ball